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Who's Who

Who's who

Meet the staff at our school!

Lead Executive Headteacher & CEO: Mrs Susannah Connell
Headteacher : Mrs Carol Besant

Assistant Heads: Mrs Lauren Turner & Mr Darren Smith

SENCO: Alexander Straker

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Trish Ashcroft

Mrs Sue Bentley 

Mrs Sallie Fenwick
Mrs Charlotte Green

Mrs Debbie Hart

Mrs Judith Munden

Mrs Michelle Needham

Mrs Laura Rosier

Mrs Sarah Silk

Mr Metin Shevki


Outdoor learning Lead/Forest School lead

Miss Gemma Jarvis

Mrs Lucy Rainbird (Forest School Support)


PA to Executive Headteacher/CEO
Mrs Christy Fowler

Senior Administrator
Mrs Donna Ashwell

Mrs Linsay Flowers


School Attendance leader

Ms Natasha Cormican

Midday Supervisors
Mrs Elizabeth Harris 

Mrs Rachel Merrick
Mrs Sarah Moores
Mrs Deborah Skipwith
Mrs Lucie Whitelaw

Ms Lucy Rainbird


Mr Don Witton

Mr Trevor Matthews

Mrs Kate Franklin

Ms Lucy Rainbird

Guess who?! We like to have a bit of fun here at Middlefield!