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Policy and Vision Statement


From September 2020, Relationships Education and Health Education became statutory for all primary schools. A document has been published by the Department for Education, which can be found online.


At Middlefield Primary Academy, our curriculum covers this content at the age and stage we feel is appropriate for our children, so there will be little change for them when this is implemented.


Relationships and Sex Education will continue to be delivered for upper Key Stage 2, in line with the Department for Education requirements. Parents may continue to exercise their right to excuse children from sex education lessons if they choose to, however relationships education will be compulsory.


A guide for parents can be found here. 


We value and respect your role in teaching your children about healthy relationships, looking after themselves and staying safe. We want the teaching in school to complement and reinforce the lessons you teach at home, and for you to understand what we are teaching your children, when and how. Therefore, as part of the consultation process, we invite you to read RSHE Policy. Please contact the school office FAO Mrs Besant with any queries.