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Welcome to the Middlefield Primary Academy  Local Governing Body.


The Board of Governors


The board of governors exists to:

   Put in place the long term vision and strategic direction of the school

Monitor the educational performance of the school and its pupils

Oversee the financial performance of the school and ensure that money is well spent


Our role is to ensure that the Middlefield constantly and consistently delivers on its visions and values:  essentially, to ensure that every child achieves the highest possible standards through our relentless focus on high quality teaching and learning.  Further information about the school’s visions and values can be found on the  website.


The board of governors also oversees admission, staff employment and buildings management.


Dear Middlefield Parents and Guardians


I’m Middlefield’s Chair of Governors, Mum to Harry (year 5) and Joshua (year 3). I have now been a governor at Middlefield for 3 years and have been taking over the Chair of Governor role during this year, from the previous Chair, Mark Young.


I had no idea what was involved in being a governor or running a school when I answered the school’s call for Governors to volunteer. But I’ve learnt a huge amount and am still learning. DLPT (Diamond Learning Partnership Trust) Governors are provided with training from the teaching school and I attended the trust’s ‘New to the LGB’ (Local Governing Board) Training during 2019. As part of learning about my new Chair role I have been completing the NGA (National Governor’s Association) Chair Program since 2020.


As members of the LGB, our role is to:


· Understand the school’s strategic priorities for development and improvement and work with the Head of School and other LGB members to achieve them.

· To act as a critical friend, providing the Head Teacher with support and to offer support and sometimes challenge.

· To ensure accountability and to monitor and evaluate how the school is progressing against its development plan, but also in terms of student achievement targets


There is a legal requirement to have a Local Governing Board overseeing the school and ensuring proper management of the School as part of the larger DLPT Trust management process. So our Governors ensure this legal requirement is fulfilled as well as participating in additional meetings and committees which monitor items such as, Finance, Standards, Safeguarding, and SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability)


As Chair, I meet with Mrs Besant on at least a monthly basis. Since March 2020 our meetings have been totally virtual, via Zoom. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to complete school visits as we would have previously, but I did have the pleasure of a virtual tour where I was able to take a ‘walk’ around the school with Mrs Besant via her laptop. This year, our regular catch ups have provided an opportunity for Mrs Besant to update me on school and student progress, COVID measures and any SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) and Safeguarding Issues.


The current list of Middlefield Governors can be found here:


At present we have four governors who are not employed by the school. More information about our governors can be found here:


Being a governor is an unpaid, volunteer role. A governor would be required to attend at least 3 LGB meetings a year but in reality the role requires more than that in order to really have an impact on the school and student outcomes. Our LGB is currently smaller than it could be, and we would love new members to join us. We have capacity for parent governors and also community governors, who don’t need to have any personal link to the school but may want to help supporting the important process of school governance. Ian and I are both KS2 parents and it would be great to be able to engage some parents who have children in EYFS or KS1 to ensure the future strength of the LGB.


I’d be happy to talk to any parent who would like to understand more about the role of the governors and I can be contacted on . We’re also happy to answer any parent questions about the role of the governors so don’t hesitate to get in touch or to email the school office.


With best regards



Gemma Noonan

Middlefield Governors






(Academic year) 

Stepped down
Gemma NoonanChair 2019/2020 
Carol Besant Headteacher2020/2021 
Lauren TurnerStaff member2019/2020 
Darren SmithStaff member 2020/2021 
Ian WallisCommunity member2019/2020 
Lucy HurleyParent member2021/2022 
Oliver ReidParent member2021/2022