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Free School Meal Vouchers for FSM

Free School Meals (FSM.)

The parents of all children who qualify for FSM ( this does not include Universal Free School Meals) should have received an email with a link which allows them to choose vouchers for a range of shops. This is at the daily rate of £3 per child. This applies to term time and does not include the holidays. This means for example, that if you qualify for FSM have 1 child, you will be entitled to vouchers to the value of £15 for this week. There will be no vouchers over the holiday period. Vouchers will start again after the Easter break.

If you are currently not in receipt of FSM and you think you could be eligible, then please follow this link in order to apply. If eligible you will then be able to receive the vouchers. This may be the case if your income has been reduced due to the current lockdown.